5 Kitchen Houseplants That Will Help Yours Thrive

Houseplants are one of the most frequently overlooked kitchen design elements. Not only can they add warmth and color to a kitchen, most houseplants also provide benefits like removing harmful air pollutants, increasing humidity, and even setting a more positive and productive tone. But when you’re searching for the right houseplants for your kitchen, there are several factors that need to be considered. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, these 5 houseplants are an affordable way to help your kitchen thrive.    

Your Kitchen Houseplant Guide   

Just like other kitchen features, don’t rush out and buy the first houseplant you see simply because it looks beautiful. Here are some important factors to consider when planning how to incorporate houseplants into your kitchen’s theme:

  • Care. Read the plant’s care instructions first to determine if your kitchen offers the right environment, starting with natural lighting. Also look for houseplants that don’t have to be watered every day.  
  • Color. Will the plant’s colors blend well with your kitchen’s color scheme, including its leaves and flowers? Try to find plant colors that tastefully highlight those of your cabinetry and other room elements.
  • Space. Will the plant fit on top of a countertop or kitchen island without taking up too much of your food-preparation area? If countertop space is limited, consider hanging your plant from the ceiling in a decorative container. 
  • Safety. Are the plants leaves or flowers poisonous and potentially harmful to small children or pets?

Now that your shopping list is ready, it’s time to find some houseplants to liven up your space!

5 Easy-Care Houseplants for Any Kitchen 

These 5 houseplants all seem to do well when grown in kitchen environments:

  • English Ivy

This lush, green plant needs direct sunlight, so hang it up by a window or over your sink. English Ivy’s pointy leaves produce a range of green shades with yellow, black and white accents that deliver a delightful decorative touch to most kitchens. It’s also a natural air-purifier that absorbs indoor air pollutants like mold, bacteria and formaldehyde, but English Ivy can also harm your furry pet if they chew on it.

  • Aloe Vera

Even people with a brown thumb have trouble killing this hearty houseplant. Aloe Vera is a unique, beautiful plant with leaves containing skin-rejuvenating minerals and vitamins, which makes it convenient for treating cooking burns when placed near the stove. 

  • White Jasmine

Although it’s hard to get indoor plants to blossom, White Jasmine seems to thrive inside even during winter months. In addition to its distinguishing pinkish-white flowers, it also gives off a delicious aroma that will mesmerize you and your houseguests while masking pesky odors.

  • Aluminum Plant

Also known by its scientific name Pilea Cadierei, aluminum plants produce green, metallic-looking leaves that are visually stunning when paired with stainless-steel appliances. It’s also a hanging plant that requires minimal care other than the fact you need to keep it away from hot or cold drafts.

  • Spider Plant

This hearty houseplant will thrive in most kitchen environments when placed virtually anywhere, from by the window to underneath overhead cabinets. Spider Plants are also natural air purifiers that remove airborne fumes and pollutants from the room.

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