How to Choose the Right Bathroom Sink

Planning a bathroom makeover is exciting as you creatively replace your outdated look with a fresh new one. It starts with the color scheme, flooring and light fixtures, and when it’s time for the sink, it’s important to find one that looks great, matches your décor and holds up to constant use. Today’s bathroom sinks come in a wide variety of materials, installation types and price points which can make the decision-making process more confusing. To help simplify your search, use this guide from the pros at Willow Lane Cabinetry.   

Bathroom Sink Materials

Sink materials differ based on aesthetics, ease of care and cost. Will the sink be used mostly by you and your spouse, or is it going in the kids’ bathroom? Decide which qualities matter most to you while choosing from these material types:  

  • Stone. Polishedstone sinks look elegant and come in granite, onyx, marble, limestone and sandstone. On the downside, most stone sinks have a smooth finish which means darker colors may show water spots. Apron stone sinks are very popular right now in farmhouse and modern farmhouse decors.
  • Tempered glass. A lot of today’s vessel and undermount sinks are tempered glass because it’s a versatile material that’s highly resistant to cracking or shattering that can also be colored and decorated in myriad ways.
  • Metal. Metals used in bathroom sinks include copper, brass and stainless steel. If you go with copper, make sure the seams are welded and not soldered. With all metal sink materials, the lower the gauge, the thicker and more dent-resistant it is.
  • Porcelain. Vitreous china, or porcelain, sinks are a clay-based ceramic material that features a durable surface which is easy to clean. However, a porcelain sink will chip or crack if it’s hit hard enough.
  • Bamboo. Bamboo sinks are unique and exotic looking, but they must be sealed initially. In addition, you can’t use abrasive cleaners or hard brushes on bamboo because it’s a softer material that’s susceptible to dents and nicks.
  • Other materials. Bathroom sinks are also available in concrete, cast iron and solid surface materials, so do some research before making your final decision.    

Types of Sink Installation

Based on your available space, theme and storage needs, choose from these sink installation types:

  • Wall mount. Perfect for smaller bathrooms, these sinks attach to the wall and have open space underneath. Wall mount sinks make a room appear larger, and many styles come with decorative covers that hide the drainpipe and plumbing.
  • Console. Similar-to wall-mount designs, console sinks are supported by two legs on the front. The downside to wall mount and console sinks is that you don’t have any vanity storage.
  • Top mount. Also known as drop-in sinks, top-mount sinks fit snuggly into a cut out on top of the vanity and are held in place by the sink’s rim.
  • Pedestal. These are much like wall mount and console sinks with the exception that the sink sits on a pedestal that supports it. Pedestal sinks work well in tight spaces but don’t have any storage underneath.  
  • Undermount. Undermount sinks attach beneath a vanity or countertop, creating a smooth interface between the sink and vanity top itself.
  • Vessel. A vessel sink resembles a freestanding bowl that rests right on top of the vanity, although some styles can be mounted partially recessed into the countertop. Depending on your color scheme and décor, there are hundreds of different vessel-sink types available, and, in many bathrooms, they serve as a decorative focal point.  

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