How to Design a Functional Two-Cook Kitchen

You and your spouse both love to cook. Not only is it relaxing, it lets you spend quality time together while the kids are finishing up homework. But lately, the adage about “too many cooks in the kitchen” has been going through your mind. In fact, you’ve decided that it’s now time for a kitchen remodel so that it can more efficiently accommodate two cooks at once. Adding more function without compromising your kitchen’s look and feel is also a priority. Fortunately, you can accomplish both by using this approach. 

Kitchen Layout

Efficiency is the key when laying out a two-cook kitchen, along with ensuring a smooth traffic flow. These are the best kitchen layouts for homes with multiple cooks:

  • L-shaped. This configuration works well for most kitchen sizes and styles, as the two adjacent walls frame a basic work triangle. L-shaped kitchens function best when one wall is designated for appliances and the other for food prep and cleanup. Most designers also recommend a kitchen island with a separate cooktop and sink. 
  • U-shaped. This pattern contains 3 walls, one of which is typically used for cabinets and appliances. A U-shaped kitchen allows two cooks to move freely within the work triangle station of the stove/oven, sink and fridge. 

Counter Space

The more counter space each cook has, the better. Use a longer countertop with matching backsplash along one wall to create specified tasking areas for food prep, serving and cleanup. Clearance zones between the counters should be wider than normal, and consider installing rich-looking granite countertops because they also hold up well to wear and tear.


You’ve seen double bathroom vanity sinks, so why not two sinks in the kitchen? Go side-by-side with yours, with one for food washing and the other for cleanup, or place one sink on a separate kitchen island.


Find some new appliances that coordinate with your décor and fit neatly inside the cooking zones. Envision a separate oven in one area and a cooktop elsewhere in the room for added convenience. If you have space, buy two dishwashers so that each cook will have their own. Install a pantry or open cabinets for storing hand-held kitchen appliances, spices and canned ingredients, and use a decorative kitchen hood to create a focal point within your room.

Work Zone Organization

It’s hard to ignore work zone organization during the planning process, but some cooks forget to do so. Here are some of the various organizational areas to include in your work triangle:

  • Food storage and refrigeration
  • Food preparation
  • Cooking
  • Cleanup and dishwashing
  • Space for cookware, serving ware, cutlery and utensils


Storage can be sparse in a two-cook kitchen. However, there are several ways to introduce more into your space without compromising its look and feel. Here are some storage solutions to consider:

  • Wall shelves. These can go above base cabinets, over a doorway, or tucked neatly away in the corners.
  • Kitchen island. In addition to serving as a place for a second sink, cooktop or seating area, an attractive island also provides ample storage space underneath.
  • Cabinetry. Kitchen cabinetry can be customized to fit within any open space you might have, including corners and walls. By choosing the right cabinet style, material and finish, you can introduce eye pop and elegance into your dream kitchen.
  • Cabinet accessories. While selecting your custom cabinets, create even more storage by adding some cabinet accessories like pullout trays and door mount organizers.

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